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* $85/8 1-hour small group classes
2017 Class Schedules: Beginning Dates
161 Yeany Lane
Mayport, PA 16240
(814) 365-5210
Fax (814) 365-2056
Trillium Pet Care
Lifestyle Obedience
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Obedience Brochure
Puppy Pre-School
* $45/4 1-hour small group classes
July 11, 6PM
* $20/private 1-hour class
To sign up - call & ask for Amber
Trillium Pet Care obedience classes are geared towards the pet owner who simply desires a well behaved family pet. Our goal is to educate owners in the tried and training method of positive reinforcement. It is our desire to have both you and your dog enjoy spending your training time together!
July 13, 6PM