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Meet the Staff
161 Yeany Lane
Mayport, PA 16240
(814) 365-5210
Fax (814) 365-2056
Trillium Pet Care
Amber Sipes has been employed with Trillium Pet Care since 2006, acquiring 11+ years experience in pet grooming and care. She has over 10 years experience as a canine obedience instructor and is a certified Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluator with the AKC.
Striving to be involved in the
dog world as much as possible,
Amber has titled dogs in
multiple venues such as
conformation, obedience,
barn hunt, search & rescue,
and therapy dog (TDI).
She is currently training
and working with her personal
dogs, Doberman Pinscher and
Standard Poodle, in agility.
Storm Yeany, founder and
owner of Trillium Pet Care,
transformed her grandmother's
dairy farm into the pristine
pet care facility we know and
love today. Honing her skills
and work ethic, she acquired
a degree in Natural Science
from Messiah College in
Mechanicsburg, PA in 1991.
She and her pet-educated staff
have been dedicated to providing
the best care for your pet since
1996. Storm has over 15 years
experience in pet grooming and
care, always striving to further herself and her staff. She was once a member of the Clarion Canine Obedience Club (CCOC) in Knox, PA where she acquired 10+ years experience as a canine obedience instructor. She has titled multiple dogs in AKC & UKC conformation and obedience and has also raised her Trillium Collies for many years.
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